Is there any cost for your programs?

Most of the programs at CVCDA are fully funded, this means there is no cost for families. Our Autism Program, for children with a diagnosis of ASD, charges a fee equivalent to the amount funded by government. Jumpstart Preschool charges a fee. Low and middle income families may be eligible for the Provincial Child Care Subsidy.

If I want to refer one of my other children or if someone I know wants to refer their child do we need to get a referral?

No, we take referrals from many sources, especially from parents! You do not need another person to refer you, just call our Intake Coordinator, Kim, or stop in to fill out a referral form. In fact, we encourage families to use “word of mouth” to tell others about our services. If you are not sure what service is appropriate, Kim is happy to speak with you.

Once my child is involved with services, are we committed to receiving services for a certain length of time?

No, we practise Family Centred Service. This means that families make decisions about the services they receive. It is always your choice whether you wish to be involved with our programs. However we do encourage families to be involved as long as it benefits their child.

Will my child be diagnosed or “labelled” if they get involved with your services?

We do not diagnose children or label them. Some of the children we serve have a diagnosis, but this is something that a doctor or paediatrician has given them. If you are concerned that your child may need to have a diagnosis please speak with your doctor or one of our service providers for more information.

I have an appointment time booked but I may have to reschedule it, what should I do?

Please call us as soon as you know you will need to cancel or re‐book an appointment. For this reason we encourage you to always take note of the name of the person you are scheduling an appointment with. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible, and under our cancellation policy, our service providers also follow the same procedure and will give you as much notice as possible if they must reschedule an appointment.

I am having a hard time with the fact that my child may have challenges or need extra help. Do you have any suggestions?

You are not alone. While many parents look forward to getting support for their child it can also be an emotional time. We encourage parents to speak with their doctor about their concerns. Our service providers are also good people to discuss your concerns with. You may also wish to call one of our Parent to Parent supports. These are parents who have been involved with our services and are available as a resource for others.